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Fabulous forty We have been operating in Copiano with passion and enthusiasm for forty years.

I.C.S. S.p.A was founded in 1973 and almost immediately began to concentrate on working with polyethylene.
The Company began with ideas for the wine cellars of the nearby Oltrepò area; baskets, crates and fermentation vats for wine. We began by being the first large tonnage press to produce round containers with a large capacity, up to 1500 litres, which were used for the processes involved in the fermentation of the must.


Over the years which followed, Ics was alert to any changes in the market and customer demand and invested in products of interest across a range of market sectors.
For the consumer sector it developed products for domestic cleaning and gardening, whilst for the craft and business sectors it designed and produced products for winemaking, plant nurseries and construction.

Thus in our catalogue you can find functional, sturdy buckets and tubs alongside the "Tata" line: a range of domestic cleaning products produced in collaboration with a design studio. You will also find containers for rubbish, including some for "differentiated waste", plus tried and tested crates and baskets useful for harvesting fruit!


Construction sites will be interested in our certified system for tipping and conveying waste from upper floors to the ground; but the "main attraction" of our product range is our line of polypropylene plant pots. Along with watering cans and other accessories, I.C.S. offers "i Vasi del Sole" ("Sun jars"), a complete range of deep, wide pots for outdoor use plus the "Pandora" line to help you create an indoor world.

There's a team of people at work behind the catalogue employing state of the art machinery and all the latest technological innovations. Production is programmed and supervised with well designed software and the team manages an ultramodern warehouse which is constantly being restocked according to seasonal demand. All is done in accordance with the protocol which regulates our company's Quality System.

In view of our results to date we are certain, now more than ever, that we should be guided in the future by the criteria of "natural growth" of "practical products" and "reliable delivery".

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